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Jivan Gasparian is a living legend of the world music. His sorrowful and passionate duduk is an ultimate expression of the Armenian soul. It is thanks to the efforts of this phenomenal virtuoso, that the world has been introduced to the folklore and traditions of Armenia. His concerts are ‘elegiac, sultry, nostalgic and reverent dramas’ says Jon Pareles of New York Times. Known in his home country as Uncle Jivan, he is, without doubt, one of the most emotional and sincere musicians of the world.



Three Legends at the State Kremlin Theater



Jivan Gasparyan, the incomparable master of the Armenian duduk, will perform at the State Kremlin Palace with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Russia and the Candlemas Monastery Choir on April 29. The first joint concert of Jivan Gasparyan and a large symphony orchestra, which took place in the State Kremlin Palace on Dec. 4, 2006, was recognized by Desillusionist magazine as the best musical event of the year (among ten of the most significant cultural projects in the world).

In response to numerous requests from music lovers, the organizers decided to repeat the successful project, bringing together in one concert three music legends – Jivan Gasparyan, the Presidential Orchestra and the Candlemas Monastery Choir.

Today, Jivan Gasparyan is one of the most famous musicians in the world; his records routinely sell millions of copies. Thanks to his masterful technique and artistry, he has popularized an Armenian folk instrument called duduk – a flute made of the apricot tree – all over the world. Leading Hollywood film directors regularly invite the Maestro to record music for the silver screen.

In addition to Jivan Gasparyian, the concert “Three Legends at the State Kremlin Palace” will feature Vladimir Spivakov, Karen Shakhnazarov, Galina Volchek, Valentin Gaft, Vladimir Mashkov, Oleg Menshikov, Yevgeny Mironov, Alexander Serov, Ivan Urgant, Olga Ostroumova, Igor Kvasha, Marina Neyolova , Gosha Kutsenko, Marina Alexandrova, Alexander Lazarev Jr., Maria Mironova, Igor Sarukhanov, Leonid Agutin, Angelika Varum, Anastasia, Anton Makarskij, Larisa Dolina, Christina Orbakajte, Daria Moroz, Marat Basharov, Oxana Fedorova, Natalia Vodianova, and many others .

Presentation of Jivan Gasparyan at Tretiakov Plaza



On March 27, Tretiakov Plaza in Moscow hosted a presentation and a press conference dedicated to a unique cultural event – the April 29, 2011 concert by Jivan Gasparyan, the Russian Presidential Orchestra and the Moscow Candlemas Monastery Choir called Three Legends at the State Kremlin Palace. The project is being implemented together with two of the world IT industry leaders ASUS and Intel corporations and supported by the Department of Culture of the Moscow administration.

Part of the proceeds from the concert will go to the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Spivakov as a way for the organizers and partners of the event to contribute to the development of Russian art.

The presentation began with a piece by Maestro Jivan Gasparyan, who performed the soundtrack from the movie Gladiator that had won a Golden Globe Award in the Best Original Score – Motion Picture category.

Among the guests of the event were movie stars and pop music performers, executives from various international companies, as well as the Ambassador to Armenia, representatives of the Federation Council, the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Culture of the Moscow administration.

Jivan Gasparyan: Moscow – Yerevan



A concert of the unsurpassed master of the Armenian duduk, a legend of the world music scene, Jivan Gasparyan was held at the Moscow House of Music on March 26. According to him, the show, organized at the suggestion of Vladimir Spivakov, was a huge success. It was also marked by the participation of the musician’s favorite student – his grandson, Jivan Gasparyan Jr. The next joint concert of Jivan Gasparyian and Vladimir Spivakov will be held this fall in Yerevan, reports The Maestro himself said that he had not played on the Yerevan stage for 15 years.

(РУС) 33 шедевра от Дживана Гаспаряна



A new collection of magnificent works by Jivan Gasparian, a duduk virtuoso from Armenia,  was released in June this year. The 33 Masterpieces Limited Edition CD is released by MEDIACRAT with the support of ’Uniastrum Bank’.

The three disks in a stylish foldable cover with silver print include the musician’s best tracks. CD1 ( Duduk & Orchestra) is a remarkable collection  of world music (Guttapercha, Take My Heart, Lamentum), where subtle modulations of the ‘apricot tree flute’ are enhanced by  the powerful sound of a symphonic orchestra. CD2 ( Duduk Love Music) is a collection of sad and romantic Armenian love ballads. CD3 is a journey into the world of  Jivan Gasparian’s soul music.

This limited edition is a superb gift for all music lovers. You can order it via MEDIACRAT subscription service at +7 (495) 979 7895 or by e-mail:

You can listen to several records of the 33 Masterpieces Limited Edition album by clicking on the links below.

33 Masterpieces Limited Edition (2010)



1. Сhiarescured
2. Guttapercha
3. Holy of Holies
4. Holy of Holies, 2
5. Hush My Heart
6. Kaput Manushak
7. Lamentum
8. Qele, Lao
9. Take My Heart
10. To Zucchabar
1. Dun en G’lkhen
2. Eshkhemed
3. Hair Sourb
4. Hovern Yelan
5. Komitas
6. Lousniak Gisher
7. Machkal
8. Menak Tchampord em
9. Ojakhum
10. Siretsi, Yaris Taran
11. Sourb Sasani
12. Sourb, Sourb
1. Yes en Tsaghikn em
2. Anoush Garoun
3. Ashkharoums
4. Dou Norits Yekel es
5. Duduk Quartet
6. Pesi Par
7. Harsi Par
8. Hov’vi Yerg
9. Lorik
10. Sari Aghjik
11. Taran, Taran




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