Maestro of Duduk

(РУС) 33 шедевра от Дживана Гаспаряна



A new collection of magnificent works by Jivan Gasparian, a duduk virtuoso from Armenia,  was released in June this year. The 33 Masterpieces Limited Edition CD is released by MEDIACRAT with the support of ’Uniastrum Bank’.

The three disks in a stylish foldable cover with silver print include the musician’s best tracks. CD1 ( Duduk & Orchestra) is a remarkable collection  of world music (Guttapercha, Take My Heart, Lamentum), where subtle modulations of the ‘apricot tree flute’ are enhanced by  the powerful sound of a symphonic orchestra. CD2 ( Duduk Love Music) is a collection of sad and romantic Armenian love ballads. CD3 is a journey into the world of  Jivan Gasparian’s soul music.

This limited edition is a superb gift for all music lovers. You can order it via MEDIACRAT subscription service at +7 (495) 979 7895 or by e-mail:

You can listen to several records of the 33 Masterpieces Limited Edition album by clicking on the links below.



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