Maestro of Duduk

The World of the Duduk 2 CD (2009)




1. A Breath of Coolness Could Be Felt
2. Brother Hunter (1 version)
3. Brother Hunter (2 version)
4. Hey, djan, hey djan
5. In this World
6. Ploughman
7. Garden
8. You have been a Wise Man Since Olden Times
9. Die уaman
10. As a Nightingale You Have Tormented Yourself
11. Darling, Why Is It Necessary to Burn Again?


1. Black Gloomy Clouds
2. There is a Word in My Possession (Sayat-nova)
3. Alagyaz
4. Eshkhemed
5. Sleep, My Child
6. The Shepherd’s Call
7. The Kazakhs
8. Kalosi prgen
9. Таrаn-taran
10. The Mountain Girl
11. The Song of Araz



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