Maestro of Duduk

The Soul of Armenia 2CD (2008)



Disc: 1

1. Machkal Es (the Ploughman)
2. Improvisation & Antsa (I’m Gone)
3. Hush My Heart
4. Gisherva Pesh (Like a Dark Night)
5. Tamam Askharh Ptut (I Have Been All Over the World)
6. Red
7. Naked Spirit
8. Ashkharums Akh Chim Kashi (I Will Not Be Sad)
9. Lamentum
10. Tsirani Tsar (the Apricot Tree)
11. Dle Yaman
12. Yerkinkn Ampela ( the Sky is Cloudy)
13. Elephant Pond

Disc: 2

1. Surb Im Sasani (My Holy Sasani)
2. Kapuit Manushak (Blue Violet)
3. Sari Gallin/Sari Aghchick (the Blond Bride)
4. Holy of Holies
5. Nazani (Don’t Be So Coy)
6. Take My Heart
7. Menak Champord Em (the Lonely Wanderer)
8. Donus Yolu (the Way Back)
9. Hovvakan Trio (Shepherd’s Song)
10. Armenian Suite
11. Amen Hair Surb (All Fathers Are Holy)



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